Our Wines

Our wines are specifically crafted for red-blooded Americans with an appreciation for the finer things in life. Made from grapes grown in some of Sonoma County’s best vineyards, they are our tribute to the freedom within the American Spirit.

2015 Ammunition Chardonnay


Sonoma County


2015 Badgerhound Zinfandel


Sonoma County - Sonoma Valley


2015 Ammunition Cabernet Sauvignon


Sonoma County


2014 Ammunition Pinot Noir


Sonoma County


2014 Ammunition "The Equalizer" Red Blend


Sonoma County


Our Story


Inspired by our upbringing, Ammunition is our tribute to the families and communities that raised us.

Even though we were raised in completely different parts of the country, we met here in Sonoma and quickly realized that we shared an appreciation of the outdoors, storytelling, patriotism & great wine. Being raised with strong American ideals was something in which we all took pride.

We decided to pay tribute to our country the best way we knew how:
We’d make wines of the highest caliber.

Hit the mark

sonoma fog

ammunition militia wine club

In an effort to give our loyal customers preferred and guaranteed access to all of our current and limited releases, we have created The Militia.

The Militia has 3 tiers, and all secure you 4 quarterly shipments per year. Additionally, members receive a discount on every order they place on our site. You will also, from time-to-time, receive other dry goods that won’t be available to the general public.

Join us, and be a part of our revolution.

Huntsman Tier
3 Bottles per Quarter (approx. $90/shipment)
Enjoy a 10% discount on every additional order from our website.

Patriot Tier
6 Bottles per Quarter (approx. $180/shipment)
Enjoy a 15% discount on every additional order from our website.

Pioneer Tier

12 Bottles per Quarter (approx. $360/shipment)
Enjoy a 20% discount on every additional order from our website.

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