Crafting Wines of the Highest Caliber

We don’t have super powers. We’re just some guys in a warehouse making wine. That being said, we’d like to think that we’ve learned a thing or two about making wine over the years, and our team shares core beliefs about how things should be done. We call them the 5 truths.

Think of them as our winemaking gospel.


2016 Ammunition Chardonnay


Sonoma County


2015 Badgerhound Zinfandel


Sonoma County - Sonoma Valley


2016 Ammunition Sauvignon Blanc


Sonoma County


2016 Ammunition Cabernet Sauvignon


San Luis Obispo County - Paso Robles


2016 Ammunition Pinot Noir


Sonoma County


2014 Ammunition "The Equalizer" Red Blend


Sonoma County


Our Story

Ammunition is the shared vision of two guys who had a dream and decided to make it happen. Andy and Bill partnered together to produce world-class wines from Sonoma County and bring them to their friends and family as a celebration of our shared American heritage. After some not-so-careful consideration, they pooled some money together with a few of their friends and started making wine.

In this way, the story of Ammunition isn’t our story at all, but rather a shared celebration of the values, work ethic and ingenuity upon which our nation was built. This is a story about the underdog. About being uncompromising on quality even when faced with the prospect of competing with wineries many times our size. About believing so much in what we’re doing, that we’re willing to swim upstream even in the swiftest of waters. Every drop of wine we produce represents our uncommon (and admittedly, at times, obsessive) pursuit of perfection. It’s the result of long hours, hard work and sleepless nights.

In the end, we know that nothing worth doing is ever easy. But make no mistake, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

sonoma fog

Founders Club

In an effort to give our loyal customers preferred and guaranteed access to all of our current and limited releases, we have created The Founders Club.

The Founders Club has 3 tiers, and all secure you 4 quarterly shipments per year. Additionally, members receive a discount on every order they place on our site. You will also, from time-to-time, receive other dry goods that won’t be available to the general public.

Important note: Founders Club members will get early access to our upcoming Founders Reserve releases.

Copper Tier

3 Bottles per Quarter (approx. $90/shipment)
Enjoy a 10% discount on every additional order from our website


Silver Tier

6 Bottles per Quarter (approx. $180/shipment)
Enjoy a 15% discount on every additional order from our website.


Gold Tier

12 Bottles per Quarter (approx. $360/shipment)
Enjoy a 20% discount on every additional order from our website.

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